Theresia Mantzakou Zetterström

Clinic Manager & Functional Medicine Coach

Theresia is our Head of Clinic at Nordic Clinic Stockholm. She’s also a functional medicine health coach. Theresa is passionate about well-being, vitality, joy in everyday life and the balance we need in life.

Theresia holds a BSc in Business Administration and Political Sciences from Stockholm University and she has also studied Developmental Psychology. She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years in various leading positions – both in Sweden and abroad. As Theresia’s health interest grew stronger, she decided to swift focus. Today she is a diet coach with an ICC certification and she’s also training to be a functional medicine nutritional therapist at Näringsmedicinska skolan (School of Nutritional Medicine) in Stockholm. A couple of days a month, Theresia leaves Sweden for Athens, where she coaches couples at an IVF clinic.

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