Working with practitioners and healthcare professionals


We believe in bringing together common forces to achieve effective and integrative care by taking advantage of expertise from different areas. We invite doctors from primary and specialist clinics to work together on patient cases.

Educational Events

We continuously host courses, seminars and lectures. Common topics are testing and functional medicine methodology. Events are aimed at all types of practitioners in functional medicine. For more information about upcoming courses, keep an eye on our event calendar at What’s On.

Become a Nordic Practitioner

We welcome physicians, nutritional therapists and other professionals in lifestyle and functional medicine to take part in Nordic Lab’s online system for test and supplement prescriptions as well as keeping medical journals. Our system can be used to send test kits and supplements to clients around the world. If you’d like to know more or become a Nordic Practitioner, please contact info@nordicclinic.se.

To find out how we can support your patient, or if you wish to collaborate with Nordic Clinic, contact us at info@nordicclinic.se.

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