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At Nordic Clinic, patients participate actively.


Each patient is expected to take responsibility for their own health. Our role is to provide guidance, support and relevant tools. The recovery process depends on a variety of factors, of which the most important ones are the root causes unique to each individual. Some root causes can be corrected fairly quickly, while others take time.

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Health Questionnaire


When you book your first consultation with us, you’ll receive a health questionnaire from Living Matrix to your email address. The form is comprehensive and consists of questions regarding your health, lifestyle, diet, environment, and medical history. The questionnaire provides essential clues to your unique health puzzle and is important to help identify the causes of your individual health problems. Therefore, make sure you take plenty of time to complete your health form. We ask you to complete the entire form at least two days before your consultation so your practitioner can prepare and receive you in the best possible way.


We keep journal notes that are made available to the patient after the consultation. In this way, the patient may pay attention to their practitioner and still feel secure that no vital information will be missed. A typical treatment plan involves 3-5 consultations and follows the structure below. Needless to say, the process may vary depending on the complexity of each case and the patient’s wishes.


New visit: Your practitioner goes through the questionnaire and maps your symptoms and risk factors. Together, you agree on a tailor-made action plan. The plan may contain recommendations on dietary and lifestyle changes, dietary supplements and various lab tests. The action plan is always adapted to your capability.


Test feedback/follow-up: The second consultation usually takes place 4-6 weeks after the first visit, but may vary depending on what’s decided upon in the action plan. Your practitioner will evaluate your symptom development since the last consultation and explain any test results. The action plan is adjusted based on test results and conclusions drawn from these. Collaboration is key, as well as transferring power over health back to the individual, where we provide support along the way. You, as a patient, gain a deeper understanding of how your body works, which builds your confidence.


Further follow-up appointments: The number of visits and the frequency of these visits is adjusted to the individual needs of the patient, but usually takes place at an interval of 4-8 weeks. During these consultations, the patient’s progress is evaluated. Commonly, progress will be evident if the action plan has been followed. Adjustments may be made to the individual plan along the way. Further testing may be required if there are potential root causes yet to be excluded.


The length of follow-up appointments may vary according to need. A test feedback usually requires more time than a quick follow-up with minor adjustments in the action plan. Consultations can take place at our clinic in Stockholm, but we also offer video and phone consultations.

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