Our functional medicine clinic opened in 2017. We welcome you to get in touch with any questions you might have about functional medicine, our way of working or to book an appointment.

  • CEO

    Graeme Jones

  • Address

    Nybrogatan 56, 114 40 Stockholm

  • Telefon

    +46 (0)8-420 391 14

  • Areas of expertise

    Chronic and inflammatory disease, gut health, stress, depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, autoimmune disease, diabetes, weight, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, sleep, allergies, health and performance optimisation.

  • About the clinic

    Nordic Clinic Stockholm opened in 2017 with an ever increasing inflow of patients. The clinic now harbours a staff of 15. Together with researchers from Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm university we have initiated research collaborations to evaluate our functional medicine approach to chronic disease.

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