Sensitivity to Infections

Recurrent and prolonged infections may indicate immune system dysfunction. The causes thereof can be found in lifestyle and environment.

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Jens Kristján Gudmundsson
Anne Catherine Færgemann

Many of our patients experience frequent infections, chronic sinusitis, recurring UTIs and colds that never seem to go away. When patients come to us with problems that point to susceptibility to infection, we map the patient’s lifestyle, life situation and environmental factors. Specific nutritional deficiencies, sleep quality, stress, and gut flora composition have all been scientifically shown to exert a huge impact on the body’s ability to defend itself against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. We offer functional medicine tests that can give a detailed picture of whether these factors affect a patient. In some cases, we initiate an investigation about immune function and possible immune deficiency. Infection sensitivity can arise as a consequence of chronic infections or other factors that overwhelm the immune system and prevent it from functioning optimally. After pinpointing possible risk factors, the patient is handed an individual action plan. The plan may include testing, dietary advice, stress management techniques, sleep assessment and lifestyle coaching.

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