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Functional medicine in clinical practice

The Nordic Clinic Mentorship Program

What we will cover: Blood analysis, Mitochondria, Immune system, Infections and Medication & herb interactions

March – August 2021

Mentors: Graeme Jones, clinical physiologist and CEO at Nordic Clinic Stockholm, Annie Pettersson (MSc, PhD), and Debbie Grayson (BSc. Pharm, Dip. Nut. CNM). 

Nordic Clinic leads the way in functional medicine in Europe. Our goal is ambitious – we aim to change the current healthcare model by preventing disease rather than just treating symptoms. We aim to optimise health and well-being, and believe the future of medicine is individualised healthcare. We can’t reach that goal on our own and we want to support others with the same ambition. That’s why we offer mentorship programs at different levels for functional medicine doctors and practitioners.

Functional Medicine is a new method of healthcare delivery in Sweden and only a few individuals have solid clinical experience within the field. The work complexity is high and various parameters need to be considered in the clinical approach to find the underlying causes of symptoms and disease. Starting a career within this field can feel overwhelming, but also challenging to structure work, interpret test results, gather all pieces of the health puzzle and then choose a treatment strategy. Our goal with the mentorship programs is to share our clinical experiences and support other functional medicine practitioners in their clinical work. We want the group of practitioners to grow, who actively work to defeat the global epidemic of chronic disease spreading rapidly around our globe. 

Graeme Jones, clinical physiologist and founder of Nordic Clinic Stockholm, is the lead mentor of this mentorship program. Over the past 15 years, Graeme has accumulated skills and experiences from the medical field, fitness, rehabilitation, nutrition and clinical research. From his many years of working with patients, he’s one of the most clinically experienced practitioners in Europe, but he’s also passionate about teaching and coaching practitioners in functional medicine and nutritional science. 

Annie Pettersson and Debbie Grayson , will be supporting Graeme at this level of the mentorship program.

Annie Pettersson (MSc, PhD) educates both practitioners and patients with lectures, seminars and courses. She aims to ensure that the scientific basis of our work remains strong and solid, and that we’re up to date with relevant research. 

Debbie Grayson (BSc. Pharm, Dip. Nut. CNM) brings over 25 years experience of working as a highly respected pharmacist to her nutrition practice and is widely regarded as the expert in the field of interactions between the patient, prescribed medication and nutritional supplements and herbs. Debbie is passionate about bridging the gap between the allopathic and holistic approach to achieving health and wellbeing in her own successful practice, through teaching and mentoring other practitioners. Debbie uses her expansive knowledge of pharmacology and nutrition to teach and support practitioners in both allopathic and natural healthcare practice in how to support patients on prescribed medication and with complex health needs safely and effectively.

“Many thanks Graeme! It is so valuable that you share all your great knowledge and experience. Looking forward to joining more of your future programs.”

Jenny Choudhury, participator of the mentorship program level 1 (Spring 2020) 

All our mentorship programs are for practitioners already working within the functional medicine field, wanting to develop their confidence with clinical cases in more specialist areas. To participate, basic knowledge of the functional medicine approach and testing is required.

This specific program covers blood analysis, mitochondria, immune system, infections and interactions between medications and herbs. Each session will be introduced by a short theory section, but for a deeper understanding of theory and testing, we regularly offer test specific training. The program will focus on real client cases and how you clinically approach the detective work to find root causes of symptoms and create successful treatment plans. If you are uncertain if your level of competence is appropriate for the program, please contact mdahlberg@nordicgroup.eu.

  • Support functional medicine practitioners in their clinical work
  • Practice test interpretations and treatment strategies 
  • Share knowledge and experiences within the group
  • Create a network for collaboration 
  • Mentors – Graeme Jones, Annie Pettersson and Debbie Grayson
  • Themes – Each session will have a specific theme and associated testing: 
  1. Blood analysis (Graeme Jones)
  2. Mitochondria – Organix Comprehensive and OAT (Graeme Jones)
  3. Immune system – CytoDx, DNA Health and DNA Mind (Annie Pettersson)
  4. Infections (Annie Pettersson)
  5. Interactions between medications and herbs – Medcheck (Debbie Grayson)
  • Client cases – An opportunity for the group members to get input on their own client cases
    • Before each session, the participants submit their own client cases (voluntary) and test results related to the specific topic. A few cases will be picked out and discussed at each session.  
    • The depersonalised client cases/test results shall be submitted 10 days before the next session. A few days before the session, the gathered material will be sent out to the group to read and consider. 
    • If the number of submitted client cases are too few, Nordic Clinic will provide some cases from the clinic. 
  • Questions – An opportunity for the group members to get help with specific questions
    • Before each session, the participants submit specific (voluntary) questions. Those questions don’t have to be on the actual topic of the day. 
    • The depersonalised client cases/test results shall be submitted 10 days before the next session. A few days before the session, the gathered material will be sent out to the group to read and consider. 
    • The questions will be answered by the mentor during class.
  • 5 sessions during the spring 2021
  • 2h/session: A total of 10h 
  • Participation: Online class only 
  • Dates – Mondays: 15/3, 19/4, 17/5, 14/6, 23/8 2021
  • Time: 1:00-3:00 PM London (GMT), 2:00-4:00 PM Stockholm (CET), 8:00-10:00 AM (EST)
  • Price: – € 400 (ex. VAT)
  • Language: English
  • Tests: The following tests can be purchased at  a 30% discount upon registration or during the program and are valid for 1 test per person of each test – the tests are to be used on yourself or a relative for educational purposes, not on your clients: Organix Comprehensive, OAT (Organic Acids Test), Medcheck, CytoDx (cytokine analysis), DNA Health, DNA Mind

Note that if the number of attendees is too low, Nordic Clinic Stockholm has the right to cancel the program. The course fee will then be refunded in full. 

For any queries, please email mdahlberg@nordicgroup.eu

*After registration, an invoice will be sent to your email address and your place is guaranteed after the invoice has been paid. Please note that free cancellations can be made until August 17th 2020, thereafter no refunding of the course fee will be made.

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