Lifestyle Coaching

Individualised health plans to help you successfully reach your goals.

Many people today are looking for “quick-fixes” for their health issues, such as relying on pharmaceutical drugs and leaving the entire responsibility for their health up to their doctor to solve. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts that can be expected to fix health issues in a longer perspective, and each individual needs to take responsibility for their well-being.

Almost always, some level of lifestyle changes are required to prevent and reverse chronic conditions. However, establishing new routines and habits can be a major challenge for many. At Nordic Clinic our health coaches offer consultations where they review your diet, lifestyle and routines. They take your situation, symptoms and abilities into account and provide custom-made recommendations for you. Sustainable change requires knowledge, goals and a plan. Health coaches teach and support you and provide hands-on tools to help you achieve your individual health goals. However, taking responsibility oneself is a prerequisite for achieving both short-term and long-term goals.

When you collaborate with one of our health coaches, you always start with submitting a comprehensive health questionnaire before the first meeting. In your unique health history, there are many important pieces to your individual health puzzle. At the first consultation, your history as well as your current situation are reviewed in detail. That review makes up the basis for the tailor-made recommendations that are composed just for you. We always take your individual life situation and objective into account when developing an individualised health plan in agreement with the client.

We offer individual consultations based on your needs. However, the best option is often to book a coaching program that runs over three months. Establishing a healthy lifestyle on one’s own can be challenging. Our health coaches can motivate and support you along your journey toward sustainable change.

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