What To Expect

Becoming a patient can feel like a big step. It’s a little different to visiting a traditional doctor. Here are some things to expect when taking help from the Nordic Clinic.

Consultations with plenty of time

Our consultations are designed to make sure we have enough time to attentively go through your symptoms and history, and come up with an action plan. We take the time to explain each step for you to gain full understanding of our way of thinking and the basis behind each piece of advice.

Tailored Interventions

Each person is unique. Thus, no action plan is identical to another. Instead, it’s adapted to your history, your symptoms, your test results, your preferences, your capacity, your level of support from family and friends, as well as your financial circumstances.

Customised Support Based on Individual Needs

Following a functional medicine action plan can mean facing challenges and bumps along the road. We’re here to support and motivate you along your personal health journey. We tailor our support to your needs.

Low Risk of Side Effects

Most people experience zero to very few side effects from interventions commonly used in functional medicine. The most common side effects are gastrointestinal reactions to dietary supplements. In the event thereof, we either adjust the dose or change strategy.

Higher Initial Cost ‒ Lower Cost Over Time

Since our patients pay out of their own pocket, their initial expenses will be higher with us than with their primary care centre where all costs are heavily subsidised. However, a successfully implemented action plan at Nordic Clinic can potentially have you avoid decades of expenses for doctor visits, drugs, sick leave and early retirement.

Inspiration for Change

Our practitioners work passionately to help our patients return to better health. They can share their own experiences and inspire sustainable change. The responsibility for your health lies with yourself, but we provide the tools for success.

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