Anne Catherine Færgemann

Clinical dietitian and M.Sc. Nutritional Medicine

Anne Catherine is a clinical dietitian from Aarhus University in 2001. She also has a Master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine from Surrey University in England, 2013, specializing in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). She is the author of the books “Healthy now – detoxification of body and soul” and “Is it something you have eaten?”. She has worked at Rigshospitalet (Danish National Hospital) with the specialties: anorexia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal diseases.

Anne Catherine has practised Functional Medicine for more than 20 years, with a focus on nutrition and the use of laboratory analysis in relation to digestive problems, food reactions, hormonal disorders, autism, infections, fatigue, etc. She often sees patients with very complex symptoms, due to her many years of experience.

She teaches clinicians both at home and abroad, in the use of laboratory analysis from a nutritional perspective. In addition, she hosts webinars for professionals. Personally, she is passionate about everything that includes Functional Medicine, lives by the principles herself and is an avid yoga practitioner, including trained as a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher.

At the Nordic Clinic, a consultation with Anne Catherine will focus on lifestyle changes, especially the dietary part of your treatment, coupled with the use of dietary supplements for the treatment of biochemical disorders found on the basis of your laboratory analyzes. for podcast with Anne Catherine at Apple or Spotify

Anne Cathrine conducts consults in Danish and English.

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