How A Leaky Gut Damages Our Liver

Let me start by saying leaky gut is a term which I hate. This topic has certainly irritated the medical profession too, with doctors for years shunning anyone...

Intervju om IBS med Graeme Jones

Hur arbetar vi på Nordic Clinic Stockholm för att hitta grundorsakerna till IBS? Ca 10% av oss svenskar lider av IBS-besvär. I en intervju för Fonden för...
Low oxalate Diets

Low Oxalate Diet – Helpful Or Harmful?

Low oxalate diets are one of the newer kids on the block when it comes to elimination diets.  Elimination diets are used by practitioners to manage symptoms...
Food Pharmacy podden

Food Pharmacy podden #154 Oxalates

Low oxalate diets is a hot topic! A lot of foods considered healthy contain oxalates, such as beans, leafy greens, and nuts. Is it harmful for humans to eat...
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